The Album

„There it is! My first solo album. Mixed & Mastered by Dennis Ward. „Guitar Stories“ is my personal statement for the guitar community. It shows my eclectic taste for various musical styles. From epic, pomp Metal (A Moment of Dialogue) to uptempo Melodic Rock (2G Decadance & Darling Sunset) Prog & Ambient (The Nachtklänge Suite) and a big ballad (And Then She Turned Away) I‘m proud to have some amazing guest guitarists like Victor Smolski, Gretchen Menn, Fabian „Dee“ Dammers on my debut album. Alex Landenburg is responsible for the incredible drum work, David Bertok put some of his keyboard magic into two of the songs. I also wanted to have one song with vocals and I‘m happy to have the amazing voice of Julian Rolinger on the closing track „And Then She Turned Away“.

“A Moment of Dialogue” (Single)

„A huge, cinematic, pomp Metal song with the outstanding Gretchen Menn. All kinds of amps on this one. Engl Invader II, Tripple Rectifier, PRS Archon 50. I‘m still very proud to have Gretchen on this. She understood the „dialogue“ part perfectly.“

“Darling Sunset” (Single)

 „A funky yet epic Rock song with incredible drumming by Alex Landenburg. I used an old Fender Deluxe Reverb amp on the clean side of sound. So sparkling. PRS Archon 50 on all the high gain sounds“