The Lessons

“I have always enjoyed teaching music and guitar. Playing and learning an instrument is a journey, a process that can make you a better person.
It´s about commitment, it´s about passion, it´s about having a vision. An instrument can shape, even re-invent you as a person.
What I enjoy the most about it is to share my musical knowledge of the professional music business to passionate guitarists that dream about 
being a professional musician but don´t know how to get there. I´m now a professional guitarist and songwriter for 15 years and trust me, there
have definitely been a lot of highs and certainly a lot of lows. (Check “about” for more info about me) But good and bad experiences belong to the
journey and bigger picture of a musician like the fresh new set of strings on your guitar. It´s part of the story.
Mastering your craft, your beloved instrument is the core essence of your musical adventure
and it never stops! Whether we´re practicing or performing, all of us musicians are striving for excellence. But to become a lifetime professional musician,
that´s not enough. “Music Business” has the word “business” in there for a reason. Record contracts, being part of a community, booking agents, endorsements, publishing,
social media, life on the road as touring musician, studio work. The list goes on and on. You have to deal with all these parts of the music industry if you are serious about entering
this business. I would like to guide you on your musical path. Feel free to contact me and we will take it from there! I´m looking forward to hearing from you!”
Best, Marco Wriedt